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How to prepare for cet-4
发布时间:2020-12-07 19:35:04

  Cet-4 mainly tests four parts: writing, listening, reading and translation. The exam lasted 130 minutes.The full mark of cet-4 is 710Aascore above 425 is a pass.

  You need to prepare for the exam:

  (1)Examination,identitycard, student card.

  (2)2B pencil, eraser, 0.5mm black neutral pen.

  (3)Special headphones for the exam, you must check the battery, audition in advance, to make sure that the headphones are ok. 

  (4)Watchthe exam rooms may also be prepared


   When doing listening, one must fill in the answer sheet while doing the questions. It is necessary to form a habit when doing daily exercises.

   Choose fill in the blanks

Narrowing the selection by determining the part of speech of a blank word can reduce the probability of making a mistake.


   Order of problem solving:Read the parts carefully match the paragraphs fill in the blanks with word choices.

Read carefully, first see the title stem, with the question to see the article, so that the title and article only need to see once can, such as read the first paragraph or the second paragraph, generally the answer to the first question can be found out.

Paragraph match

   Underline the key words in the topic. For example, proper nouns, Numbers, etc., only when multiple key words in the topic stem are synonymous in the original text can they be identified as the answer.


1Try to choose the basic words and simple sentence patterns, appropriate to add some linking words. Translation is graded according to the overall impression. Even if the meaning of the sentence differs from the original one, Don't leave out this sentence.

2Nearly ten years of original translation questions are all found and put together, and then divided into history, culture, economy, society, etc., memorize some sentence patterns as reserves, fixed into their own translation template.

3Writing or to back the composition template, although the method is more awkward, but in the examination scene, unless their English skills are very good students, or it is difficult to write a brilliant composition. You can't make a mistake writing from a template.

4 The paper must be clean and neat, clear paragraph, each paragraph should have a topic sentence, constantly changing sentence patterns, do not make low-level grammatical mistakes.

     Finally,  wish you all good results



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